Protect American Global Leadership

Our nation’s strategic investment in development and diplomacy not only matters overseas – it matters right here at home for our security, economy, and values as a nation.

Yet this small investment in America’s global leadership – just 1% of the federal budget – is at risk of enormous cuts, potentially by as much as 32%.

Right now is a critical moment to urge Congress to protect resources for the State Department and USAID to help ensure our nation’s security and economic interests. Tell your lawmakers: Leading globally matters locally.

Here’s what to say:

  • My name is [FIRST AND LAST NAME] and I’m your constituent in [CITY, STATE].
  • I’m very concerned about enormous 32% cuts to the State Department and USAID
  • With all the global challenges we face today, we need strong and effective development and diplomacy programs that have a direct return on investment
  • I support $60 billion dollars for the International Affairs Budget and I urge [LAWMAKER] to do the same